Sunday, February 10, 2008

Me on Todd's 125 and a new riding place

We found a new place to ride(it's called Boykin ATV Off-rode). It's about half as far as the main place we ride at. The guys who own the land are really nice guys. My bike ended up with another flat tire so I ended up riding Todd's 125 while he snapped some pics with our little camera. The bike is so much bigger than it looks in these pictures. It's actually so big that I can ride it fine but I can't stop. I actually roll in to where Todd can catch the bike for me. This bike is so much more fun and has so much more power than my 100. I am considering later getting the Honda 85R Expert bike.

Here are a few pics:
Here is Tyler doing his stunts while we were there:
Meet Duke. I swear this dog is always smiling. This is the dog that lives at ATV off-road, he is also the dog that gets half our lunch when we go ride. He's just too cute:

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