Friday, February 01, 2008

Becky Higgins KOTM

Well I stayed up last night until 2am watching for the kit to go on sale but nothing, I got up this morning nothing, then I checked again before lunch time and there it was. I was so excited. I ordered one for Tyler and one for Megan. I can't wait to see what all is in the kit. Becky had a small video clip on her blog thank goodness that showed a little bit and she said she'd be sharing more. They said the kits will not be shipping until Feb 11th. Oh I can not wait. In the mean time I am working on getting my closet a little better organized.

I just checked Becky's website a few minutes ago to see if there was any new information and she had that the kits were SOLD OUT. I can't believe they went that fast. I am so happy I did not wait to order.

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Delaina said...

I couldn't believe how quickly this sold out. Let us know how you like it when it arrives, please :^). I didn't order any of the kits but I may try to get in on the next round.