Friday, January 11, 2008

Letter Flip

I can't believe I'm just now sharing this game with you. I bought this from Rainbow ResourceLetter Flip Game at the beginning of the school year and it has been wonderful. Even Todd who does not really like board games will sit down and play this one with Tyler. If you like Hangman or guessing games I know you'll like this one. It's great for younger kids that are just learning to spell because it has small 3 letter words but adults get a kick out of it too because it has the challenge of 6 letter words. That may not sound like a lot but trying to figure out the right combitation of 6 letters to get the right word requires some thought. Like the words we had last night were PIGEON and Gobble and Cheap. It's also great for kids that are learning to reconginize the alphabet although they won't stay focused for long. Check it out!!
Just wondering does anyone have any Games they recommend, if so please comment them here for me. Thanks guys

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