Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EBAY SCAMS---Please Be careful

I hope to warn everyone out there. Please be cafeful. Regarding my camera. I am so happy I was able to recall it at the post office here and get it back. I have tried 3 times emailing Ebay and tried to get answers from them. I don't know much about Russia and I don't have a real name so I did a search in yahoo with the address I was suppose to ship my camera to and could not believe what I found. This person is using alot of EBay accounts to scam for items in this price range.
Here is the address he gave me:
Abon-Yaschick St. #2, 8

And here are 2 of the links, another one came up but it's in another language. I wonder how many other people have been scammed.


When I started looking into things on mine. His name on Ebay does not match his paypal name. And there were alot of red flags going off with all of his demands.

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