Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day of mishappenings

We headed out to Carolina Adventure world today for 8 hours of fun and adventures.

  • Right after we got there Todd broke his clutch shifter on the mototrack.

  • Then the rubber strip between my rim and inter tube on my tire came out and was wrapped around my spoke which is when we noticed I had a flat front tire

  • And then after that Todd's Spark pull fouled out from going so slow the past 2 weekends.

But the highlights of the day was that Tyler is riding REALLY Good. None of the trails scare him at all. He wrecked 3 times and each time he just picked himself back up and kept going. I'm going to a have to keep improving my riding skills because I can see him smoking past me in a few years. He is so good. His Balance is Perfect!!!! All the time he has spent on his BMX is really paying off now.

I have by far more fear for him than he has in himself. He has only been riding a short time and he is already wanting to learn bike tricks. Coming off the trails while cruising on the service roads he rides with his little feet rested up on the gas tank, and then I see him standing and doing one handers. I know that in 10 years I will probably just have to close my eyes and put all my trust into him and the lord because I know that it will be to much for a mom alone to take on. And right now I have to just really TRUST in myself that I am making the right decisions on all of this. I know boys will be boys and life is too short to not live and have fun.

Also I almost forgot to mention that we met another family that home schools also and their son is a little older than Tyler. We are really hoping that we will get to meet up with them again.

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