Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home from Michigan

We had a very busy weekend. Sat morning we flew to Michigan. On the way from the airport we stopped by a park to take some pictures of the beautiful color they have there in the fall and drove the backroads getting to see the pretty red barns and all the farms and farm animals. Michigan is such a pretty place in the fall. And then Sat afternoon Uncle Bryan and Aunt Mo came over to visit for a couple of hours. It was great seeing them it had been 3 years. Megan was a baby the last time we saw each other. Then that night we had a huge bonfire and the next door neighbors came over for a visit.

Then on Sunday Robyn had a big get together for Grandpa John(Todd's Step dad's Dad). Most of his children and grandchildren came. They are very nice and I enjoyed getting to talk with them. I wish we could have visited with them longer but we still had so many people to see.

So CJ rode with us and we went to pick up Jared and headed to Todd's Dad's house and then stopped by Jared's high school to take a few pictures and Mcdonald's to get some lunch/dinner. Some how while order our food the man thought I said 10 cheeseburgers instead of 2 so we had cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets(38 of them) and some other food coming out of our ears on our way to go visit with Mommo.

Mommo is Todd's grandma I have not seen her in about 9 years. So her nor the rest of Todd's extended family had ever met the kids. I wish we could have visited with her and Todd's dad who had met us there longer but the clock always speeds up when you are having fun.
On Monday we ran to Meijer for a few things for Megan and then hung out at Robyn's for little bit before going for a drive to see some fall colors. We even got to stop by a petting zoo, where that was this roster with an attitude that had Tyler scared stiff. Megan loved the little kitty that was there and the pony. We also got to see the biggest Pumpkin we had ever seen.

Monday evening we went back over to Jared's(Todd's son) to try again to take senior pictures but this time it decided to drizzle and get dark really fast on me. I had the worst luck with picture taking this weekend. I could have cried I was so frustrated with my picture taking skills and crazy iffy- washy weather we got. But over all I did get a few pictures I am happy with. I have to not think about photography sometimes and instead just think about the memories I did capture.

While we were at Grandma Robyn's the kids got to have fun. Tyler found Uncle CJ's old BB gun which he choose not to put down from the minute he found it----he even slept with it. They also got to build forts on the porch, play with rocks, be bubble bath monsters, and take Jett for walks with Grandma Robyn. Megan also got to have fun pretending to be "puppy" while she was they. They also helped grandma Robyn decorate the tables for the Sunday party with Halloween decorations. oooooohh and did I tell you we got to drink some St Julian's juice while we were they. It is the best juice. I am sure it is taken for granted by everyone that lives there but it is so good, they are so lucky to have such a delicious juice.

I can not believe how fast 4 days flew by. It went really fast.

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