Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween night

We had a fun time handing out candy and trick R treating in the neighborhood. We are so lucky to have a very busy neighborhood at Halloween. This year we even saw people pulling big trailer with couched on them behind there trucks for the kids to get on and off for there mad dash for candy.
I wish I would have caught a picture of those. Crazy huh? I remember several years ago it seemed people had stopped trick R treating due to there safety. Our neighborhood always makes things feel like you went back to the 50's. I love that we know all our neighbors on a first name basis and i do not have to worry about the kids candy.
There were alot of really neat costumes this year. That my favorite part of getting to hand out the candy is getting to see all the creativity that goes into some of the costumes. Megan had fun counting out the candy to the kids and making them say trick r treat before she would give them there candy. And towards the end she even began making sure the color candy she gave them matched there costume. You bet the line backed up at our house, while Todd and Tyler went for a ride on the buggy to go gather there own candy.

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