Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday---Fun day at CAW

Since the kids spent Sat night with Nana, me and Todd got up Sun morning; the weather was perfect high of about 78 degrees so we loaded up the dirt bikes and headed to Carolina Adventure World to check out the trails and for Todd to meet up with some of his friends that were going. We rode up there the other weekend without our bikes but couldn't really see the trails. So Sunday we rode about 50 miles of trails for about 4 hours. I was exhausted! Especially after getting over being sick still. This was my first experience at anything like this. I rode on Green and Blue trails which are considered Easy to Moderate. The trails were very rutted and only as wide as a 4wheeler with trees on both sides and full of curves, hills, and rocks. The terrain was different than the soft sand I have been practicing in around here. One of the things I have liked about the sand is that I know when I lay the bike down it won't be too painful, But on a hard surface with sharp rocks there was no way I wanted to risk it. I only laid the bike down once the whole day and that was when I tried to make a last minute turn.
It's hard to believe that there are trails any harder than the ones I was on but there are. There are yellow and black trails which everyone said that these are the trails that would only be as ride as your dirt bike with more curves and hills that were straight up and down. I'm thinking to myself why be nice and call them yellow and black trails why not go ahead and call it something like Trail of Death or Super Suicide. No, I'm not serious, but I am so amazed at how riders can rip through these trails without even blinking.

Anyway we had A LOT of fun. We signed up for the annual pass so we can go whenever we want and the kids can go too. I am also now considering a bigger dirt bike though something like a Honda 100. I just will have to get use to the clutch on it. The bike I'm on right now is too small all around for me but it is great for Tyler and in a couple of years we can pass it to Megan.

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