Monday, September 24, 2007

Picture practice around Camden

Today me and the kids walked around Camden Taking pictures. I wanted to try to get in some more practice. I have been driving myself crazy lately because my pictures still do not look the way I want them too. I have almost only shot in Manual mode ever since I got my 30D a few months ago and with be in Manual there are so many variables. The sun and clouds and shadows and movement can be such a pain for me because it feels like I am constantly adjusting something. I can't place my finger on what it is with the 30D but it takes really bad pictures when it is Auto Mode but my old Rebel does wonderful on Auto. So if I have the Rebel with me and want to relax and be lazy I can. But the 30D forces me to learn, or at least I think so. And now Canon has releases the 40D and I see that it has many new nice features I wonder if they have adjusted whatever it is about the 30D that bugs the heck out of me.
I am going to try to continue to learn all that I can about photography and try not to give up on this. It is something I love so much. I am going to try not to let myself get frustrated when I don't pick up something as fast as I think I should. I have to tell myself to stop comparing my pictures with those that have 25 years in the field or with pictures that have a ton of Photoshop done on them But oh how there are days when I let it get the best of me. I wish there was a really good Photography course close by that taught advanced courses but since there isn't I keep trying to figure all of it out.

Anyway, today I let the kids share my point and shoot and take pictures with me. They had fun. We got to see some of the history in Camden, get some exercise, and even found a nice playground to play out while we were on our"picture adventure". This is what we called today. I think we are going to be planning a lot more of these too.

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