Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coolest public school teacher

I was checking out the Starry Sky Ranch today and followed some of the links. One of the links took me to a public school teachers site in Troy MI. It looked like such a fun classroom I almost began to wish I could be a child again. Why can't every school room be like this!!! I wonder if these students realize how very lucky they are.

Anyway I do think some of these same things could be easily adapted to the home school environment. I would so love to have some of these similar little parties in some sort of home school groups. Maybe we might get lucky this school year and meet some families that share my thoughts.

I also love the idea of the color coded baskets in this Organized Library(by the way, this is a picture I got off her site) and the different themes. There was so much on this site I haven't even seen all of it, But I could not wait to share this in case anyone else was interested in taking a peek as well. Go here......Mrs. Newingham's classroom Be prepared to visit for a little while!!!!

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