Saturday, June 02, 2007

Such a Wonderful day

This morning we headed to the REACH homeschool book sale. There were so many great buys there today. When I got home I added up the total that I had. I got $549 worth of books for only $71(everything you see in the first picture even a new leap pad). I would have got more but that was all the cash I had on hand. O, how I was wishing they took debit cards.

Basically I paid for the Bob books, FIAR 2, Spelling Workout A, and first Language Lessons, Everything else in the picture above was FREE.

Thank goodness Todd went with me though because there was no way I could get Megan's stroller down the aisles. Everything was so close together. He took Tyler and Megan and they found a homechild child that was there selling homemade Bow and Arrows for $5. She was very creative in making them out of PVC pipe and some other things. They were very sturdy and the kids loved them. Then Todd let Tyler run up and down the hall and pushed Megan "super Fast" in the hallway outside of the cafertia while I shopped until the money was gone. I only got to see half the tables.

I got all of these books for $6 from 1 table. I was soooo happy about this. It was the last table I got to visit and my last $6.

After we left the book sell we stopped by The Educational Wonderland to get Tyler one of the Plastic scooters that Jess mentioned on her blog. I showed her blog to Tyler the other day and he told me he had seen them at Ed Wonderland and really wanted one. So he earned money doing chores around the house this week for his dad. I promised him I'd take him by there today so he could buy it but both stores were sold out. So we have to order one instead. The kids did get to have fun on the activity table though.

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