Thursday, April 26, 2007

Waiting for the UPS truck

I ordered a new 30d Monday. I ordered it from instead of BHphoto in hopes of receiving a different batch of cameras. Bhphoto; although they have great customer service, I received 3 lenses in the past 3 months that were either pretty badly dropped or messed up. So I figured after all that I have been though in the past couple of months I would try a different route.
Anyway, my new 30D is scheduled to arrive sometime this afternoon. Any other time I would be pacing back and forth, checking out the window, stalking the UPS truck. But I have had some kind of cold all week so it has put a damper on my would be jumping up and down dieing with excitment. I hope to feel better this weekend so that I can test it out. I'm so praying that this body will work like I expect it to. I never got to see the other one work.

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