Monday, October 30, 2006

Clothes shopping today

I took the kids to Kohl's today in hopes of getting something for each of us. Once again I bought everything for the kids. I got Tyler some Tony Hawk line clothes. I figured he would love wearing them when/if his big brother Jared gets to come visit this Christmas. They looked so cute on him. I can't believe he's wearing a size 7 already. And we loaded Megan up with a new season of pink Princess clothes. She has been picking what she wants to wear each day since last winter. Most of the time it has to meet a few different criteria; it has to either: be pink, have a princess on it, or have a kitty on it. She can really be difficult if it doesn't fall into any of these choices. She also picked a pair of pink cowgirl boots which she is still wearing(sound asleep) and has had on since we tried them on at Target. Yes, she picked out the loudest color there, once she had them on her feet that was it I could not in any way persuade her to try on any other pair of shoes. It was really fun picking out some cute clothes for Tyler he's so easy going with what he wears. And I love seeing all the pink that Megan loves. And the other great thing at Kohl's all the stuff I got was half off. I love to save money.
I did buy a pair of pink fuzzy slippers for myself while we were at Target. Yeah, my feet will be warm this winter. If you're at Target check them out, they are awesome and are only 12.99.

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