Monday, September 04, 2006

Home Depot Kids Clinic

Home Depot has free workshops for kids on the first Sat of each month. We attended our first one this Sat. They have the kits ready to go for the kids and they even let them use real tools. I will admit I has a little nervous in the middle of a bunch of little kids swinging hammers round. This weekend's workshop was about making birdhouses. This was a first for me and the kids. And it was a little harder than it looks. Guys make stuff look so easy. The workshop is designed for kids ages 5-12 but they were nice enough to let me and Megan make one also. Mrs Victoria was the lady that helped us, she was even nice enough to make one from the very beginning to give Megan since some of the nails in Megan's kit wasn't so good and we were having some problems with hers. I'm sure the problem was really my lake of experience with this sort of thing but she was great and didn't say anything. She was so helpful and everyone at the store was so friendly. Tyler went around showing all the other people working that day his and Megan's birdhouses. They adored how freindly and outgoing he was. This was a fun learning experience, and the kids looked so adorable in there little home depot vests. Now I have to get Todd to fix all the mistakes we made on our birdhouses before we hang them. We had alot of fun doing this and look forward to next months workshop. We are also planning to check out Lowe's kids clinics and see what they are like.

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